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I am sorry if his colors bother your eyes, but I wanted a nice greenish color that isn't Jade or Olive. Plus he's also annoying anyways so it fits him.

Ladans Yurmod

(Ladans = Ladon, the many headed dragon that guarded the Golden Apple tree in Greek Mythology)
(Yurmod = Jourgamander, the World serpent of Norse Mythology)

(charming = Snake-Charming)
(Nirah = Snake god of Babylonian myths)

Age : 9 1/4 Sweeps (18 Years old)
Sign : Ophiuchus
Gender : Male
Blood Color : Harlequin (Mutant)
Blood Class : Lower Mid Blood
Planet : Land of Acids & Skulls
Title : Thief of Hope
Dreamer : Derse
trollHandle : charmingNirah (CN)
Lusus : Orochi (He ate it when he was a little shit, but grew into a fucking 8 headed beast)
Ancestor : Headsmen Viperlance (Somers Yurmod)
Pre-Scratched Self : The Guilty (You'll see if I develop this)
Strife Specibus : Tattookind (Just like Medusa from Soul Eater)
Quirks : (He has the utmost annoying quirks) S = 666, C = <, Y is capitalized, T = +, does not capitalize the first word of sentence.

Matespirit : Varran Dracis
Morail : None
Austipice : ?????? Gouken, Niyako Perpha (Mediator)
Kismesis : None; Kyvron Lyrega (Unrequited)

Your name is LADANS YURMOD. You absolutely love to FUCK SHIT UP for others. You are quite a SOCIAL PARIAH & NOTORIOUS for RUINING OTHERS LIVES. The only one who actually likes you is VARRAN, your MATESPIRIT. You blame your rather NOISOME behavior on your LUSUS, whom you ATE when you were young. Your BLOOD is highly VOLATILE & TOXIN, those who touch it will have their SKIN BURNED OFF. Other than being REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING, you are also VERY MUCH ABLE TO KICK SOMEONE'S ASS. Other than that, your HOBBIES include SNAKE BATHING, SNAKE CHARMING, BLOWING UP HIVES, & CROSS DRESSING.

What you think?

Homestuck (C) Das Hussie
Ladans Yurmod (C) Me
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