Perseus Picture

I actually did this render before I drew up his equipment to wear & just worked backwards. Reason being is Perseus had always been my favorite tale from Greek mythology & I already had an image in mind when construction of this piece & his render. Again... I have no idea where version 1 for this piece has gotten to. But most likely transitions & sharing, I ended up losing it along the way somewhere.

Here I have him without his Helm of Invisibility that belongs to Hades. Please pay no heed to the terrible render of Hades in the upper left corner... it was just a place holder as I attempted a helm design LOL!. Perseus does have the mirror shield & sword in hand, as well as the winged sandals of the messenger god upon his feet. A much leaner & more acrobatic character design for my favorite hero of olden times, the slayer of Medusa! Oh yes... she is around too. She will be available to see my draft soon too! Enjoy.
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