Medusa's Downfall Picture

I visited the Tate Modern in London today, which has some amazing works of art in it, and some I really dont like. I'm sure the artists have talent, and some may like what I do not, but the main thing that cracked me up, in an angry way, was the complete pseudo-pyscho-babble bollocks the artist occasionally wrote about their own work. I saw 1 picture, 'the Swimmer' oil on canvas I think ( can't remember the artist) which was an interesting and well done piece I admit, then read the little plaque next to it. Apparently it was indicative of the underlying metaphysical boundaries of the human form, with a physical and psychological thrown into the mix for good measure. I had to stifle my laughter, this was brilliant. Why not just say 'I liked the shapes, the colours seemed to fit'? Because it would remove the mystique that the artist has a greater understanding and perception of the world than you? Thats just downright rude.
I came home and did this piece of abstract art in 5 minutes on Painter IX, called it Medusa's Downfall. Could be anything, I dont even know, but write something like 'It contrasts the red-brown earth of humanity with the slick and scaly green of the snake-haired gorgon' and you know, it might be a masterpiece! It's not, of course, but thats how I feel about some of the exhibits in the gallery.
End of rant. I wonder if anyone will read this?
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