Gogmagog Picture

Gogmagog - also Goemagot, Goemagog or Gogmagoc - was a legendary giant in British folklore. According to the 12th Century Historia Regum Britanniae ("The History of The Kings of Britain") by Geoffrey of Monmouth, Gogmagog was a giant inhabitant of Albion, and was thrown off a cliff during a wrestling match with Corineus who was a companion of Brutus of Troy.

Member of a race of protean vampire-like creatures known as the Nephilim.

Drawing from European and Middle Eastern mythology, these beings as have qualities of vampires, succubi, incubi, Lamia, fairies, and jinn. Not only predators but sometimes benefactors of humans, they are the basis for both the Muses and the Graeae.

"...Yet thought must see
That eve of time when man no longer yearns,
Grown deaf before Life's Sphinx,
whose lips are barred;
When from the spaces of Eternity,
Silence, a rigorous Medusa, turns
On the lost world the stress of her regard."

~Clark Ashton Smith
"Sphinx and Medusa"
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