Don't look in the eyes. Picture

I won't pretend to be an expert on Greek mythology, I am in no way an authority on the subject, but from what I understood form my research, Medusa is said to have been born with an extraordinary beauty, the defining feature of which was her long, golden ringlets. Legend suggest that, whilst worshipping in Athena, (the goddess of wisdom) 's temple, and was raped by Poisedon. Enraged by the attrocity which had occured in her sacred temple, Athena punished Medusa, by transforming her tumbling, golden curls into hissing serpents, and imposing such hideousness on her pretty face that it would turn anyone who laid eyes upon her to stone.

This is one of many versions I found whilst researching, but the one I'm using as it makes my point the best. Because, as any 21st century woman I'm sure, the forst thought that comes into my head is "WHAT THE F*CK ABOUT POISEDON???". Why is it that the innocent victim, not the brutal attacker who is punished so cruelly? Meduse was innocent, yet had to face the rest of her years as a hideous monster and famed throughout history as a callous beast. Not to mention her brutal demise, through beheading. Hmph, poor Medusa.

Though it may seem that I'm getting stupidly upset about a myth, but, unfortunatly, Athena's attitude is adopted by far too many people. You have probably heard of the recent "Safety Talks" at schools in which a comment was made about how women should "stop dressing as sluts in order to avoid getting victimized". This, understandlably, made me angry beyond belief, and that is what I'm attempting to show in this photoshoot.
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