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Well, this was a design for the cursed wind spirit that was different from my previous characters. I also wanted to challenge myself by using only black for the outline, but use different colors other than black for the color of the character. Her name is suppose to be Orianas and she is suppose to be based off of Volvaggia from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time and Geryon from Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.

Now, onto the profile.

Name: Orianas
Sex: Female
Species: Wind Dragon Spirit
Age: Eternal
Member of: The Cursed Temple Spirits
Family: Neherina (eldest daughter) and Aria (younger daughter, the Great Spirit Titan Of Wind)
Element she represents: Wind

History: A guardian dragon who once guarded the Wind Dimension of the Ghost Zone, a realm of high mountains and wind elementals of many different species), Orianas guarded the realm of the wind spirits and protected it from many ancient evils that had once came to declare war on their realm, only to be driven back by Orianas' powerful and destructive winds for centuries, even before the age of demons and angels. Many of the wind elementals worshipped her for her beauty and power. However, when Lacrimazar Orodius and Gwydion had planned to obtain a powerful wind spirit capable of destroying an entire army so that they could claim the Wind Dimension, as well as the Temple of Wind, as their own, they had planned on corrupting the very same guardian that was destined to protect this village.

Lacrimazar sent Stheno Medusa, the horsemen of pestilence, out to capture Orianas. Stheno traveled to the Wind Dimension and used her servants to restrain and ambush Orianas. The Wind Spirit put up a great battle against Stheno, but to no prevail as she used one of her spells to inject Orianas with a poisonous bite that could corrupt a being's soul, no matter how pure and rendered Orianas defenseless. However, before she was defeated, she used two fragments of her soul to create two women known as Neherina, who would become the Wind Sage and Aria, a young girl of sixteen years of age who would become the Great Spirit Titan Of Wind. As soon as they were created for Orianas' spirit, they had awoken with no knowledge of their origins. They were soon found by several Wind elemental monks and welcomed with open arms, assuming that they were just lost women.

Years had passed and many people began to worry about where their great protector had gone and why she had disappeared. Then, in a few months, Orianas had returned, but she had changed for the worst and she unleashed a destructive rampage across the Wind Dimension, killing a majority of the monks and people who tried to protect the town. Orianas came close to killing Aria, but she was saved by Neherina before Orianas could finish the deed.

Aria sensed a strange, but familiar life force in Orianas that was similar to the life energy that Neherina and her possessed and they soon realized that they were the "daughters" of Orianas and when the village found out about this, they rebelled with such hateful violence against the two sisters in fear that they would also be killed and chased them out of the Wind Dimension, banishing them into the Ghost Zone.

As time went on, Neherina and Aria watched over each other and the war in the Ghost Zone began to unfold with Lacrimazar and Gwydion using a hostile take over method of both the temples in the Ghost Zone as well as the ten Realms Of Titans. It was during that time that Aria and Neherina had both heard the voice of Nimue, the spirit goddess, who told them that Neherina was one of the chosen Elemental Sages who was destined to defeat Gwydion and that Aria was the Titan Of Wind who was destined to be the new warrior who would protect the realm of the Wind spirits.

Traveling to the dimension of Wind Spirits, they had both encountered Stheno with Orianas and she sent Orianas out to destroy the Wind Temple so that Neherina's newfound power could not be drawn from it. Orianas used most of her destructive power with every attempt to defeat them, but Neherina and Aria combined their wind magic and defeated Orianas before sealing her away in a block of ice, killing the Cursed Temple Spirit. Even with Orianas' death, the two of them were both guardians of the Wind Dimension, with Neherina being the sage of the Wind Temple and Aria being the Great Spirit Titan of Wind.

Powers and abilities:

Orianas is one of the most powerful wind elementals to have ever existed in the Ghost Zone. She can control the temperatures of the wind around her and can even drain the oxygen out of her victims just by focusing on the weakest parts of their lungs.

Oxygen Cobra: Absorbs the oxygen out of her enemies, rendering them unable to breathe.

Dissentegrating Winds: Emits a powerful gust of wind which causes the flesh of her enemies to break apart piece by piece until there is nothing left of them.

Tundra Hurricane: Flaps her wings to create powerful hurricanes which freeze her opponents in subzero temperatures.

Razor Tornado: Unleashes a destructive tornado which cuts her enemies to pieces before they even know it.

XONGYWID: The perfect form of the Cursed Temple Spirits (the name being an anagram for Gwydion with an X). This is when they are at their most powerful, using the elements of both the earth and the Ghost Zone to create devastating attacks. They are even more powerful when fused together with Gwydion.


1. Orianas' design was inspired by Volvaggia (appearance) and Geryon (history)

2. Her appearance is a mix between two different mythological creatures. A phoenix (for the head and arms) and an Eastern dragon (body structure and wings)

3. She is the "mother" of Neherina and Aria and was killed when the two of them, combining their powers, froze her in a block of ice, though it is possible for her to return.)

4. Notice any familiar references here? The arrows shown on her body are tattoos similar to those of Airbenders from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

5. Orianas was originally going to be a demonic bird spirit, but I decided to give her a more surreal type of feel to her appearance.

6. The color combination was suppose to be a challenge that I made to myself and that was not using the color black for anything except the outline. The colors I used were violet (for the eyes), sky blue (skin color), slade (hair, arrows, and arms), gold (sickles), and turqouise (wings, aura, and beak).


Gwydion and Neherina (mentioned above) (c) ~EmberMcLaineRocks
Other characters, art, and image (c) ~AlucardHemlock (me)
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