Elusive's Human Form lineart Picture

NOTE: I drew this today (4-12-13) and I drew the ones before this yesterday.

Elusive's new human form. I gave her a more Japanese look since she's a goddess. Also her face is actually a mask over her face. It's not her actual face. I'll see if I can make the mask better without it looking too much like a face. Maybe get rid of the eye holes. I mean she IS a goddess so she can see without eye holes (like Percius in Greek mythology with his shield he used when he killed Medusa. In some of the myths he was able to see through the shield. At least that's how I interpreted it, that he could actually see through it like it's a window).

Anyway, yeah her hair is REALLY long because I want it to be. And she's wearing a Japanese-style outfit. Normally she doesn't need shoes, just wanted to add them so her feet don't look weird. Her new dragon form is coming next.
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