Calling in a Friend Picture

I've never liked Kratos.


I found him, from day one, to be one of the most abhorently one-dimensional characters in video game history. What's more, he's pretty much poisoned the rest of the action hack-and-slash genre since everyone compares any new games similar to God of War to, well, God of War.

News flash, fellas, hack-and-slash games existed long before God of War did and no, Kratos is not a badass. He's a careless, angry dick with no concern for anyone but himself--and yes, killing the gods is a terrible, terrible idea. I don't care how much they screwed you over. They were bad, true, but Kratos? He'll always be worse.

So, here's the thing. As much as I wanted to punish Kratos for ruining Greek Mythology, video games and just plain good character-writing for an entire generation. But I didn't want to get near him, at all. He wasn't worth my effort, I thought, but he still needed to be punished so, I did the next best thing and called in some help from someone that didn't need to touch a person themselves to turn them to stone.

So you see, Kratos, you may have been able to avoid Medusa--but you never stood a chance against the Cockatrice.


Just a spur of the minute thing I threw together a small tribute to one of the artists that got me started on here in the first place:
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