Cyberworld_Medusa.EXE Picture

Medusa smirked at the rebellious daughter of the Fates, "I am on good terms with Eris, I suppose I could transfer you to castle Discord, but on one condition."

The master hacker locked her warm blue eyes with Medusa's cold snake-like ones," And that would be?"

"Fix my system freeze spell."

The demideity girl pulled thoughtfully on the chain that connected her ear to her mouth, "As long as you don't use it against me, of course I will."

Medusa smiled, "Done."


More cybery goodness, BTW for all you SciFi fantasy fans, especially those who like Greek mythology I HIGHLY reccomend the book WebMage to you.^^
Anyways, this is Medusa. Basically she likes to send in viruses in the shape of snakes that freeze the computers connected to a network while she breaks into said network to retrieve whatever data she needs or do whatever damage she chooses to do.
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