30characters - day 20 - abby Picture

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abby is a cockatrice which is an ENORMOUS vicious uh. cock. with a lizard tail. if i remember my mythology correctly it was something insane like they hatch from the egg of a 10 year old cock (not hen) that lies in the sun for 30 days or something rediculous. they live in barren areas and, like a medusa, can turn things to stone with a glare.

they are not small. they are not cute. ponies are stupid. if you disagree well, that's just like. your opinion, man.

abby suffers from nearsightedness which means that most of the time she just sets the desert around her on fire in a blind rage. anyone who gets close enough for abby to turn them to stone usually regrets thinking she's harmless...

this and the manticore (which has a human face and no mane, bronies.) were two of my favourite monsters as a kid. so i'm rather miffed to see what's become of them due to pop culture.
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