LC 2nd: Rajani Picture

2nd oc
Name: Rajani
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Height: 5'4 ft | 163 cm
Weight: 126 Ibs
Faction: The Sanctuary
Occupation: Street performer;thief
Race: Bhayga

+Sticky fingers: Is very good at stealing and pickpocketing. Has spent most of her life including childhood stealing things. Though as a child is was more game then a job, the reasons have changed for the most part over time. But hey she loves her job.
+Gymnast/Flexibility/Climbing/Balance: Uses this frequently with her street performer job and running away from people. Her tail helps with her balance and she's always been swinging on something
+Fencing w/ dagger: A little protection as a last resort, she hasn't had any professional practice wielding it but is pretty damn good at jabbing and throwing.

+Pouches varying in size
+Bells *

As a child Jani lived a very nomadic lifestyle, traveling with her mother and the other people of her tribe, all being Bhayga's. The small island they lived had many different environments, hot deserts, beautiful oasis, and exotic jungles. And once in a while a good hearted pilgrim would wander to travel the island, but this wasn't the case usually. Bhayga were rumored to bring luck to those around them (a stupid and untruthful rumor too).

When Rajani was a very young girl she was easly coerced to travel across sea back to the main continent. The group treated her well and kept her very happy. But she was forced to remain at their side, whether they walked on the street or went into a bar. And the clever girl, after spending many years with them, learned the common tongue and watched the group jealously fight over who would have her by their side for a game of poker.

She tricked the men to believe her magical luck could only go to one and when they became sucked up arguing, she slipped away.

The harassment from locals i and the lack of relaxation irritated Rajani. She traveled to the Land of Stillness from the outer counter which took a little over a year. Which was hard but harsh condition were nothing she hadn't seen as a child. Rajani kept her ear close to whoever was around and finally caught wind of where to climb on board to the Castle. And once she got on she stayed.

When she isn't stealing or hopping around buildings for money, Rajani is lounging anywhere the sun is and taking a nap. She really doesn't usually care about fights nor does she have a god complex to save the world. This girl is pretty much the most self centered person you can meet. If you're rude or hateful to her she'll quietly hold a grudge in hopes of the right moment to get you back but if you are kind to her she'll reciprocate with the same affection given. She can act very childish and since she is usually given or takes what she wants; when she doesn't get what is in her line of sight she'll loose that lazy attitude and do anything to get it.

-Sun bathing
-1&2 or 1&3 combined
-Being carried
-Big fancy words
-The cold
-Super short people

Additional info:
+Can be found snacking on stolen fruits or dried bugs
+Is based on the Red ruffed lemur
+She can't read and isn't too good with fancy talk
+Has a few piercing on her ears, both nipples, a medusa, double nose ring, and an anti naval
+*Bells: she always wears the bells on her wrist, she knows when they jingle that she's not doing a good job of being quiet when stealing.
+She's meant to look 18 or 19.

Info on the Bhayga
+Natural gymnasts and climbers.
+Druidic magic if tought
Are a race of human-monkey creatures, who are usually found in jungles and forests. The story to their creation is when the demon monkey lord Aditi came from limbo and mated with the many different human women and created the first Bhayga's. They have an affinity for Druidic magic if kept in the wild.

Their aging is similar to other monstrous species and will die from the ages of 200-250

Additional info:
+Is based loosely on the Vanara of Hindu mythology led by Hanuman.
+Races of monkey can very depending on where they are geographically

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