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and they're only for her. Only!

Demeter Greek Godess inspired
I got this pretty color sheme as foundation for the character design and it was the first time to design with given colors. First I really had no idea what to do and then I came to greek mythology because it's so interesting and then I chose Demester. She's the godess of the harvest.
So I gave her golden ram horns, leg protection, jewlery, the rye ear's are gold too and attatched to her long wing feathers.
She wears a transparent fabrich around her and some other little gold jewlery. The horns are winded in olive branches.

Kayan Lahwi inspired [link]
Julie wished for a character of this really interesting culture and gave me a wonderful color palette. I never did such a colorful character and it gave me a bit trouble. I can't tell how many times I redid her.
She got a traditional head decoration with lace and shiny fabrics. The typical neck brass coils and bangles on her front legs. And she got a medusa and a surface on her forehead.

Let me know if you like them, if you want to take both of them or not. If you want to have changes on the designs I can do that too.

You can change little things on the design, add or remove things but make sure you won't redesign it
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