Heroine Prime 2: Chapter 13- A New Beginning Picture

The last thing he remembers was her wrapping him up in layers of mattresses. He still could recall her face, her smile, her every detail. She was his Angel, and that's all that seemed to matter. He then wakes up from his fog with a bright irritating light shining into his eye. He blinks in an effort to focus. He feels some aches in his limbs, as well as a cloudy fog in his head as he struggles to focus on the face above him. It is his doctor who was checking his eyes and who looked somewhat relieved to see him responding.

“Major Trevor, welcome back to Walter Reed Hospital.” he said somewhat cheerfully. “How do you feel?”

“Like a house fell on me.” he replied in an achy voice.

“Funny you should say that. It was more like 100 houses fell on you.” the doctor replied as Steve started to stir. “Oh no, Major Trevor, you’re going nowhere. You have a nasty concussion, 2 bruised ribs, and a fractured leg, although you seem to be heeling up after the past few days.”

“Past few days?” asks Steve. “How long have I been out?”

“They rushed you in here three days ago. Lieutenant Prince has been checking up on you daily. Matter of fact, she and General Cole wish to see you. You think you can handle some visitors?”

Steve nodded as the Doctor went to the door and signaled the General and Diana to enter. The General seemed pleased as he stood by his stretcher.

“Steve, I should blast you for disobeying orders, but instead I’m giving you a promotion. Your actions saved everyone in the metropolitan area, not to say the security of this nation. You're a hero.” states the General.

“Thank you General Cole, I couldn't have done it without some help.” he replies, fearing to mention Wonder Woman.

“Some help, like from a blue eyed brunette?” replies Diana, as she holds up a newspaper stating an exclusive interview with Amazing Wonder Woman. “Seems she got ahold of you cellphone and left it where you were so we can find you. I used the GPS to find your position and get you some medical attention.”

“Seems this Wonder Woman also handed us the flash drive you loaded all the information on Viral.” adds the General. “From there it was easy to find the drums of Medusa. She even helped us recover them and dispose of the deadly gas.”

“But...there is so much to do...I got to go over....” says Steve still trying to stir.

“No Steve, you rest, we already have the information and are sifting through it.” States the General. “This Felix Faust is no stranger to the authorities. He was once a very highly accredited professor of archeology, mythology, and demonology. But he had some reckless behavior issues, and was tossed from the university when there were connections with several occult groups; as well they found several stolen artifacts from the university museum. Somehow he became a focal point in this Viral business. Not sure if they are terrorist or a cult themselves. Seems a lot of references to mythological figures, such as this Ares guy who seemed to be hell bent in taking out the United States ability to fight.”

“So where do we go from here General?” asks Steve.

“As for the Department of Defense, we are out of the loop for now because this is a Global issue. So I'm transferring you and Lieutenant Prince to the Global Defense Force as American representatives. You two can keep us up on Viral’s next move and the United States will be able to react.”

The General filled him in on the specifics of how every military situation across the globe has Viral’s fingerprints on it, and how right now Steve has the inside track on keeping tabs on them. The General would soon leave as Diana hands Steve the paper.

“I'd figure you would want to read this. I saved this copy for you seeing you rather listen to her then your partner.” said a miffed Diana.

“I had to act Diana, millions of lives we in danger.”

“And what about you? You were in danger. We could have done this together and maybe you would have been safer.”

Steve smirked at her comment as he opened the paper and seen a photograph of Wonder Woman. “Not as long I have my Angel...I will always be safe.”

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