Witch Corvo - SE OC Picture

Witch Corvo
a witch character for soul eater.
she is mine; no stealing DD <

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Name: Corvo
Animal: Ravens
Incantation: Caw, crow, raven, rahven
Personality: A bit on the odd side, Corvo isn't afraid to be herself. She can be a bit "in your face" and will speak her mind no matter what. She has a bad habit of speaking before thinking, which can often lead her into trouble. Which of course, she treats as a game; much like she does everything else. Acting like everything has rules that she has to follow. She will often treat life like a video game - where her only objective is to kill. Not only is she odd, but she is highly sadistic. Already thinking of different ways to kill and torture others. Most of the time including her ripping out tongues.
Background: Often playing by her own rules, she doesn't settle for one side other the other. She has been known to be seen with both Arachne-sama and Witch Medusa. No one is quite sure of which side she leans towards more; no one's quite sure she even knows. She does tend to hang out by herself most the time. Considering she isn't the best with human to human contact. The only living thing she comes in contact with most are, you guessed it, ravens. Which are commonly thought to circle above scenes of death such as battles; Corvo also has a tenancy to be attracted to scenes of death.
Powers: Flood of Feathers. Corvo covers the ground with black Raven feathers, which can be used for making a tornado like appearance with the same destructive powers as a normal tornado.
Intoxication. Corvo can line Raven feathers with a slow acting poison which will slowly begin to wear an enemy down until they feel weak and desperate. There isn't know known about an antidote, although it seems that the poison wears off after a couple of days.
Circle of Death. Like in mythology, Corvo's Ravens often circle above her battle, and brings darkness and numbness to her enemies. Every plant, if present, wilts and dies and are in Corvo's control.
Alarm Call. Corvo will make a call, much like a Raven would, which would attract more Ravens to her spot. Which often helps with numbers. With this tactic, Corvo often uses all the Ravens and has them all "kaa" at the same time, which can often numb a person's body.
Flight Call. Corvo will cause all the Ravens to gather and use them for flight.
Chase Call. Corvo will cause them all to gather as one big Raven, which will often have it's own intelligence and act as partner for Corvo.
Deathly Feathers. Corvo uses Raven feathers as daggers.
Flight of Death. Corvo's arms turn into a pair of Raven wings, which aid her in flight and the feathers are razor sharp.
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