Mopsus Hoduur Picture

Check out those pupils! He's bliiiind!

Name: Mopsus Hoduur
fun facts: Mopsus was one of two seers among Jason and the Argonauts and he could understand the language of birds. He died from the bite of a viper that was born from a drop of Medusa's blood. He was buried in a monument by the sea.
Hodur, or Höðr was the brother of Baldr in Norse mythology. He's described as a blind god, unable to harm anyone without assistance. Tricked by Loki, he killed his brother with a mistletoe arrow.

Trollian: ?
Quirk: ( l ( he begins every sentence with the sail of his ship!
( l ( no capitalization!
( l ( and only end punctuation.

He has text-to-speech enabled on his computer, he's a little slow when it comes to typing replies, or even getting to messages.

Blood: Yellow
Lusus: Giant Blind Cave Salamander
Gender: Male. Pretty sure that doesn't matter to trolls, though.
Strife: GrapplingHook Kind
Fetch Modus: Battleship
Each item that's captchalogued is set randomly to a ship and placed on a grid. The size of the item determines the size of the ship. In order to retrieve the item, the ship must be sunk. It's kind of annoying when you need something quickly but always a TON of FUN! ... Yeah.
Symbol: Simple boat sail, representing the constellation "Vela"
Originally part of "Argo Navis". The ship Argo was used by Jason and the Argonauts. Its companion constellations are Carina and Puppis.
Likes: Ships! God, ships. Ships of all kinds. Full rigged ships, schooners, dinghies! ..Air ships? Space ships are cool, too..? It's the nautical things he really likes, however. He likes all kinds of games, too. Nine Men's Morris is his favorite.
Dislikes: Dry climates, Snow, Thick forests... basically any terrain that isn't flat and open or a cave..
Personality: He's actually a very cheerful little guy. His hive is located in a dark cave which he explores on a regular basis with his lusus. He's yet to find all the nooks and crannies and wonders if there's an end to the many tunnels. Sometimes he comes across the occasional dead body of a lost troll and has to drag it outside, but he doesn't let that bug him! Nope! Not one bit! eheheh.. eheh.. aww.. :c
Special abilities: Psychic sonar & forcefields/spheres.
In order to map his surroundings, Mopsus emits a very light psychic wave from his body to 'feel' his way around. Small areas [such as tunnels] and large open areas [think of a grassy field] take little concentration and are pretty easy to get around, but the more cluttered [forests with dense foliage, crowds of people] an area is, the harder it is for him to get a good picture of his enviornment. Also, for whatever reason, snowy terrain is difficult to navigate.

His forcefield ability sort of branches out from his sonar and is pretty self-explanatory. He can protect himself from most things by creating a forcefield around himself, however its strength tends to vary. More often than not, there are weak spots, and sometimes even HOLES. He'll get the hang of it, eventually. Offensively, he can create bubbles and toss them around.. Not very impressive, but hey maybe you can take out an eye?

Usually offensive bubbles tend to follow this rule:
Smaller = more dense. [ think of marbles! ... really painful marbles, or maybe even BB gun pellets if you want to get tiny. ]
Bigger = less dense, hollow, even. You could probably poke one and it'll pop like a bubble!

Note! He can't multitask! it's either one or the other. If he's hiding in a forcefield, he's totally blind! If he's checking out the enviornment, he can't protect himself!

Quadrants: Empty! O:
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