Medusa Picture

Ah... this is my version of Medusa and I plan on drawing her frequently from now on.
I had to draw some sort of animal for the lenolium block printing project so I decided snakes but I'm not really good with animals so I kinda wanted to incorporate my regular style in it and came up with one of my favorite mythical creatures from greek mythology! MEDUSA! beautiful and hideous at the same time.
I had to transfer it onto the block and I changed the hair ornaments a little, enlarged the collar, and THAT EYE drawing eyes are a pain in the but to me and among the ugliest parts of my drawings. So on the block the eye and eye brow is some different.
When I finish my block prints I'll submit them to show ya ^^
Oh and I mightttttt want to enter it in some district contest...
but my art teacher was worried that I might get disqualified because she thought most anime characters looked like mine...
it SHOULD fit under that category but at least what I do isn't the stereotype of BIGEYED and POINTY CHIN...
Mine style is... oogleh but I still like it because it's just mine.
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