Cetus Picture

Sort of an experiment. Here is Perseus rescuing the chained Andromeda from the monster Cetus, based off the ancient Greek myth. Perseus was on his way back home from defeating Medusa when he spotted a beautiful young woman chained to a rock by the sea. He approached her and she begged him to flee, explaining that she was placed there as a sacrifice to the monster Cetus. Her mother, Cassiopeia, was a proud woman, and boasted that she was even more beautiful than the sea nymphs. Enraged, they complained to Poseidon, who exacted revenge by unleashing a monster to ravage the land. Andromeda's father the king saw only one way to please Poseidon and so chose to sacrifice his daughter to appease the god, and that's why Andromeda was chained.
Perseus freed Andromeda and defeated Cetus, and the two fell in love and took over her father's kingdom. There is a constellation named Cetus, as well as one for Perseus, Andromeda, and Cassiopeia.

I was mimicking the wood cutting/print style, using Albrecht Dürer as an example, so it's supposed to look sort of flat, or 3D- two dimensional. It's in a post-apocalyptic setting, hence the experimentation. Perseus has wings on his goggles to represent the winged sandals given to him by Hermes.

This is the second one I did, out of four so far, and I think I like it the most overall.
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