Creepy Crawly Jellyfish Picture

This guy was originally designed for the Seaside Safari Zone of Damshin, able to be found only at night, I'm thinking of using the vast majority of what's made that actually fits into the world I make, and actually plan to use the region names of Forizze, Ochigo, Damshin, Midin and Terbith as counties of one massive supercontinent, so I can keep the dexes together after I spent so much time on them. Quite a few might need revamps to fit in again, but I'm okay with that.

These are based on two jellyfish that I find almost terrifying, the Granrojo and the Stygiomedusa. Now, this is saying a lot, because normally pictures of animals don't frighten me, and even when I went to the Boston Aquarium I was completely comfortable with big sharks and fish half the size of me. Of course an animal would be more frightening out of its cage, but I think that that's besides the case in this particular case. Feel free to argue with me about that.

So, anyway:

Element: Umbra/Hydro (x)
Class: Marine Pelagic Medusa

>promotes to Hades' kingdom in Greek mythology">Styxioma at level 34<
Same data as previous form
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