Monster Girl Challenge 25 through 27 Picture

I decided to take the Monster Girl Challenge! However, rather than draw one monster girl a day, I did them all in one batch and got them finished in less than a week, becauser I am insane. Since this was a for fun project, I only did flat colors (shading kills my joy). And like most for fun projects, I found myself taking aspects of it more seriously than I intended.

To keep from totally dominating your inbox, I'm splitting these girls into groups. Here are entries 25 through 27!

Without further ado, the monster girls:

25. Favorite Monster Girl - I'm assuming this means "favorite monster girl type," considering the phrasing of the following entry. Well, that's obviously demons, since I've drawn A LOT of demon girls. So here's another drawing of Matilda. I wanted to show her wearing a different fashion - different haircut, weird loose fitting clothing that may be 1980's fashion or may just be poorly tailored, etc. Demons aren't static, you know!

26. Favorite Monster Girl Character - And I assume this means "favorite monster girl character that you didn't create," and wow, is that a hard contest. Too many to choose from. So I picked the first one that popped into my head: Medusa from Greek mythology. This list needed a gorgon anyway. Others I might have chosen instead: Vriska Serket, the Female Titan, Hexadecimal,Those Brain Eating Aliens from Gamera vs. Guiron, and on and on and on.

27. Truly Gruesome Girl - I think this entry wants to emphasize the "monster" in monster girl moreso than the others, and so I oblidged! What a ghastly looking creature this is, no? Why, the likes of it could frighten even the denizens of Hell.
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