Scylla Animation Test Picture

Well I haven't done animation for a while but its always fun when you do it. This is a little pencil test that I did for a project I've been working on since the end of last school year. I've been working on the design of the Scylla from greek mythology based ONLY on the description in Homer's Odyssey. Not to mention I tried to make it anatomically corrrect which was the real challenge, but all in all I've been enjoying working on it. I'll get up some of the sketches of it if I can get a large enough scanner for my sketchbook XP. Anyway back to the animation. I needed to throw together a small portfolio to get into Art IV so I decided to put this in so I could diversify my portfolio in a bit and to emphasize my Scylla project. basicly the Scylla's head (acording to me) looks like a normal human female face untill it needs to feed in which it shows its true colors; a vicious beast with 3 rows of sharp teeth (There are 6 of these heads btw >
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