My Garden's Full of Pretty Men... Picture

Damn em all I create my own perfection.
Damn em all in the face of their rejection.

An image inspired by the song linked above. It's based on the Medusa Myth, though even if you don't know it it's still cool. It's just about murder instead.

And yeah... Medusa has happily petrified a lot of men. The one in the front was the first one, someone who she didn't want to petrify, and she cares for his statue more than the rest. The others she doesn't care for. Either they were just random people or even people trying to stop her, like the policeman. Because after she got over petrifying her love, she learned to love her dark powers.

There are a lot of versions of the Medusa myth, but in most that I've read she was originally a great beauty. A mortal gorgon. But she boasted that she was prettier than one of the Greek Goddesses, and the Greek Pantheon is known for being... petty. Whichever goddess she boasted she was prettier than would curse her to being so ugly that her gaze would petrify people.

I like mythology.

I don't know why the lines ended up doing what they did here.
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