Myth Doodle Picture

So it's been... well a long time since the last I updated. But classes are over and I'm back to uploading. YAYY.

Remember the deadly plant guys? Well, here they are again, along with other mythical creatures.

If anyone recall the mythical creatures shirt contest, I was gonna enter it but a day too late. Oh well. It's always fun to doodle them.

A few note for some of them:

- Vine really needs to wear pants....
- Look up the yucca plant. They're dangerously spiky.
- Got the centaur wearing the horse skull idea from different artist, Claire Wendling. Her animal illustrations are AMAZING.
- Watched the documentary for mermaids and I was not able to sleep at night.
- I purposely made the minotuar a dwarf. It's funny...

Venus, Vine, Yucca characters © me
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