#041 MAWDUSA Picture

The Enchanter Pokémon

Type: Steel/Fairy
Ability: Hyper Cutter/Intimidate
Info: Their hair is deadly protective of them. Despite being such a dangerous Pokémon they are alluring and enchanting.

NAME ORIGIN: Mawile + Medusa
EVOLUTION: Mawile > Lv. up knowing Chomp* > Mawdusa

*CHOMP (Dark/Physical)
PWR: 60 / ACC: 90
Info: The user chomps down on the foe with powerful jaws. This move does twice the damage if the foe is holding a berry or a herb, where the user will also consume said item.


So an actual evolution for Mawile this time.

Original, I know. Yeah, I know everyone's done their own Medusa evolution for Mawile but here's mine. Mawile ties the final Water-starter for the hardest design to get right. It took me ages and goodness knows how many iterations but I finally arrived at this result in the end which, annoyingly, doesn't even resemble the others that much. I struggled a lot with this though.

I know this Pokemon is mixing folklore/mythology with the Japanese basis of Mawile and the Greek basis of this one but I think it works well as a way for Mawile to progress. I decided to keep the hair simple so it didn't overcomplicate the design. Obviously there are elements of a snake in the body.

I also really wanted to make this Steel/Dragon which I thought would work well since Dragon and Fairy are almost counterparts but I decided to keep with Fairy. And yeah it's a feminine design but hey there's always Gardevoir.

Credit to the Pokémon Company.
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