Sketch of Athena's Sheild Picture

I lost my expensive blue sketch pencil ;-; so I had to use the red one. To be honest with you I like the red sketch pencil, the lines are darker and more clear, and I didn't have to keep resharpening my red sketch pencil as much.

Anyhoo, here is a rough sketch of what my version of Athena's sheild would look like. Eh, what do ya think? Okay I know what a few of you are thinking, "What's with the Owl, Steve? Isn't there suppose to be a Gorgon on Athena's shield instead?" Yes there is suppose to be a Gorgon on her shield, but the way I see it Athena would have never adopted the Gorgon's head as a symbol until after Perseus slayed Medusa and offered to strap it to Athena's shield as a gift for helping him to save the city of Argos. So, yeah I think this would be a fitting shield for Athena before hand and anyway there are no texts that I have read mentioning Athena having detailed carving or painting of the Gorgon's head on the front of her shield after all of this, so far what I've read she had Medusa's head strapped to her shield and pretty much left it that way. Then again being that this Greek Mythology that we're talking about, I guess the interpretations can be left up to the artists' imaginations. So there you go.

This shield was a pain in the ass for me to draw, but for my keep sake I wanted this to be more than just little reference picture of a specific shield design, so I sketched out a little picture of Athena with her owl companion perched on her shoulder, so that I could add this to my art portfolio. I have to say everything came out pretty good on my end.

The breed of both owls that I sketched are suppose to be that of the Eurasian Owl. The Eurasian Owl or (Bubo bubo) is the second or third largest species of owl in the world following closely behind the Indian Eagle Owl which is said to be the largest breed of owl in the world. The Eurasian Owl is breed of owl I've been using in all my recent drawings of Athena, figured that that owl looked both badass and majestic enough to be used in my Greek Mythology related pieces.

Here is credit where credit is due I referenced
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