Deathly Kishin Fan Doodles Picture

First off, I wish to say "Deathly Kishin" belongs only to Yellowpikmin88. I did two to three pieces of fan art for his fics already. I saw that he thought up new abilities for some of the soul eater characters already, and it kinda tempted me to think up possibilities as well. The ideas I come up with are merely forms of fanart, and possibilities. Only my friend Yellowpikmin88 chooses if any of these go into his work, and if so which. All that aside, let us get to talking about these doodles.

Of course the first character I doodle of would be my SE girl, Medusa.
Upper Left Corner- I was really happy when Yellowpikmin88 chose to use my concept of Medusa wearing her own death eater mask. Earlier today, the thought came to mind of what if Medusa had a reason to wear it other than it being badass that is. lol So I looked up symbols from the Harry Potter series and the only symbol for the death eaters was the snake with the skull. I chose to add a twist to it however and have Lord Death's skull symbol put in it instead of Selezar Slytheran's. And though I didn't color this, I should say, I figured that be it do to the mark, or something else, Medusa would slowly become more snake-like. Granted the con with this idea would be how would this issue benefit Voldemort. Other than that, not bad eh? X3

Bottom Left Corner- Kind of the same idea as the last pic, but with the feature that her mask becomes more like a head piece or helmet. Personally, I'd see this happening only if Medusa (or Make, whichever) was having a nightmare that featured this.

Upper Right Corner- Just to possible images in my head for the 'Vector Talons', a little more up close and personal than her 'Vectoer Blade'. lol

Lower Right Corner- Inspired by the mythological figure of Medusa, this was my take on "Gorgon Gaze" which, like the myth, can turn victims to stone.

Well that's it for this set. I got ideas for other SE characters as well coming up though. Enjoy.
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