Manga-Character Meme: Medeus Attempt 2 Picture

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Don't go looking for the first attempt 'cause you won't find it. Only in parts. [link]

Anime/Manga From top to bottom
Soul Eater (Medusa) <-------> Naruto (random outfit)
Ouran (random host) <-------> Pokemon (N, i think that was his name)
Furuba (Ayame) <--------> Hetalia (Prussia)

Medusa 'cause of the name kinda (Medeus is reincarnation of Medusa from Greek mythology)
N (if that's his name) 'cause of hair color
Ayame 'cause ther're both associated with snakes
Prussia 'cause Prussia looks like he would pull pranks

Too lazy to think of anymore to say

Medeus is my pillow- I mean, a character from my story 20XX which I have yet to put in physical form >_<"
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