Beauty and Hate Picture

Based on the mythology of Medusa. Playing with images of myself again!

Off to war we go...battle with the other demons, perhaps the demons in my head?

and this poem of mine just seems to fit the war theme

Hate makes the world go round
(June 21st 2004)

Hate makes the world go round,
There’s no more time for love.
Focus has fallen upon disagreement;
Who rules the heaven above?

Religion’s caused a deadly divide,
Throughout a dying world.
No more time for fun and games,
A gun for boys and girls.

Suffer at the hand of “justice,”
No more time for peace.
“Follow our way, or you die,”
No chance for release.

Mutilation, pain and death,
Both in body and in mind.
Is there hope for a hating world?
Is there hope for mankind?

Government invest in nuclear arms,
“Lets blast them ‘till they’re dead.”
No more money for the NHS,
Innocents die instead.

“No more war” the protesters shout,
but it falls upon deaf ears.
The power that the government wants,
Costs us all our tears.

Bush and Blair lead us to war,
Justice or revenge?
Will their greed ever stop?
Or are we fighting till the end?

Do we wait till the buttons pressed?
Do we continue to be violent?
If we don’t stop now the consequence;

Our earth ends. Eternally silent.
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