Snakes on a Head Picture

I play Castlevania sometimes, and I play Dungeons and Dragons sometimes, and I know a little bit about Greek mythology. So sometimes I think about gorgons.

Now, gorgons turn anyone who looks directly at them to stone, right? And people who fight them deal with this by looking at their reflection in a mirror, or looking at their shadow or their feet to see where they are, or just closing their eyes; all ways that prevent them from being turned to stone and thereby enable them to defeat the gorgon.

So I'm thinking, what I would do if I were Medusa is, I'd get myself a great big sword, and when people did silly things to avoid looking directly at me I would take the opportunity to stab them a lot. People flailing around blindfolded don't win many swordfights. You see that big smile on her face, that was supposed to be more maniacal but I kinda screwed it up? That's how jazzed she is at not having to put up with that damn "polish up your shield like a mirror" trick anymore.

"Oh my gosh! You're looking down at my legs instead of my face! No heroes have EVER tried that before! Whatever will I OH LOOK I CUT YOUR ARMS OFF."
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