tell me i am beautiful. Picture

another work sketch. just something started not sure what it was going to be. then part way in realized it was meant to be her. the statue in the back was a last min idea. and i bad one i admit. it throws off the entire piece. the 2 pieces feel disconnected and just strange. so some how im going to get rid of it. be it photoshop or another way but it will be leaving. if u like it then hey glad for it. it was a lot of fun and will be even more when its colored. i know a certain some one that can practice color this when they get back from MIAMI. lol.

as always i love feed back and comments and critics. only way ppl grow. so if any sagely advice (minus the statue) please let me know. thanks and enjoy.

oh and will be submitting to some coloring clubs and if u do want to color it. can get u a larger file size.
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