Triple Gold Medal Winner... Picture

Hey, remember that little Deino you saw back on the track that you made fun of because she needed a haircut and looked like Ringo's sister? Well, time moves on... And she now has managed to win three gold medals and is working on more...

Well, when I looked at some of the pictures of Hydreigon that weren't chibi junk, I was rather annoyed since it was either A) generic dark crap or B) stupid jokes that involve three heads. So I decided to go with this Olympian/Greek theme for when I drew mine (I know, it's sooooooooo original).

Contrary to the way I drew Mandibuzz and ZOROCK THE SLUTFOX FOX OF DARKNESS, I made Medusa's outfit more optimistic and bright, to make it seem sort of well... godly. I was going to do a sort of a toga, but with those wings, I had to go with running shorts (but it still works). Luckily for me, Hydreigon already walks upright, so I had to only work on "personalizing" this, rather than alter everything. You may notice how the two smaller heads almost look like the central one.

And if tell me that this is sexy or cute, I'll probably barf on myself, since there is no way a woman with three heads (two where the hands aught to be) and the desire to be the best would be that cuddly, let alone with a name like Medusa...

If you seriously don't know general Greek mythology then I think some puppies will die

Hydreigon (C) Nintendo/GAME FREAK
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