Pit aka Kid Icarus Picture


[Although he's in the latest quiz....it's about time I introduced this character before it's too late - oh noez!]

Hailing from Nintendo's long-since-abandoned[-now-soon-to-be-resurrected] classic game series, most of us longtime die-hardies should have a firm grasp of what the angelic ace had to offer way back!

In Chapter I ('86, NES), the holy goddess of Light - Palutena - calls on him to embark on a quest to escape the Underworld (where he's trapped), recover the 3 Sacred Treasures and put an end to the dark deeds of Medusa.

As for the next chapter (Of Myths and Monsters - '91, GB), he goes through the same sh__ again, except these same 3 Sacred Treasures are guarded by the forest guardians, and there's a new main enemy our blessed, battle-hungry adolescent must bring down...the demonic Orcus!

Aside from numerous non-canon Nintendo appearances throughout the years (Tetris, F1 Race, WarioWare, and most notably....*drumroll*....SSBB), this pint-sized Greek-mythology-inspired pillar of strength is a ball to have around....who else but the powerful PIT?!

(The sooner the new and upcoming Wii installment - 'Uprising' - approaches, the better!!)
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