Honored Cuirass Picture

This is a picture I took and edited of a Cuirassed torso at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Mass.
-Statue is Roman, from Imperial period, about AD 90-96 and made from marble taken from Mount Pentelikon, Greece
-Romans often honored successful generals and Emperors with portrait statues wearing intricate cuirasses (breastplates)
-These often indicated human muscle placement
-This is thought to be Emperor Domitians (who reigned AD 81-96) because of the emphasis on his patron deity, Minerva (Athena, in Greece)
-Center of breastplate has a statue of the goddess flanked by Victories, and above is the head Perseus cut from Medusa's shoulders (the image warded off evil which Minerva herself wore on her armor)

Pretty interesting, don't you think? I think Roman and Greek history is fascinating, especially their mythology. I also have a close-up picture of Minerva and the Victories, if you're interested.
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