Reaper-san Picture

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Line-art and colour by Mouse

Shading by tablet
Open Canvas
4-5 hours Dx

It's like 3am here tomorrow...have to finish an essay and AP bio hw Dx.

I decided to get rid of my art block by moving away from Death Note for a second...

I'm working on something MxM-ey...but its not turning out right...Dx...but I hope that'll be teh next piccy up!

No way in hell would I win xD....and the prizes don't even apply to me (doesn't live anyways near US/Canada Dx) LOL...

But it was a cool idea and it let me play around a bit <33!

Idea from, you guessed it, Medusa!

Hope its accepted, hope you guys like it
Character Description *edited*

Name Shinko-san (you may adresses as Shinko-san or Shinko-sama ONLY)

Likes: Fashion, beauty, Death

Dislikes: The ugly, outcasts, pious people; especially those who don't believe in pleasure

Description: People about to fall into their black abyss do deserve one last moment of pleasure, neh? If you're a good soul, she'll make you fall into an endless pleasant dream as you're body decays back into the soil...however, if you're a sinner, you become part of her cloth.

Old, young, right, wrong, it is not yours to judge when you die or if you live, you are pieces in this Goddesses divine game.

She was not banished by the Gods but accepted this gift of death. She enjoys this...she is not bitter because she rules hell but because she loves it! She is merciful, but as I mentioned to only those who she feels deserve it. She is superficial. She believe that the most gorgeous deserve to die a pleasant death, something that measures up to their looks.

She is vanity, greed and lust.

I'm sleepy...this is bad...xDD!
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