Ghostlight Picture

*ARGH* FULLVIEW PLEASE.... "the devil hides in the detail" (german saying XD)

Just wanted to do a quick sketch of some clouds before my window.
That work was too simple, so I wanted to insert the blue icy-cold sky-painting into some kind of dark surrounding.
I sketched the surrounding - the clouds now inspired by the sunset before my window XD - and then there came the mist. And the figure. And the light. And the funny thing there running down her hands, which is only to spare me a "mature content" O__ô
And finally the title.
Which was the name of a variation of my very first complety digital art XD

It was lightly inspired by the greek mythologic figures like the "furies" and "medusa"
I always liked them And Japanese mythology is also full with raving womens/ghosts etc. and quite - fearsome. Really, I always thought the german fairy tales (the ones collected by the Brothers Grimm
I'm starting to ramble...again XD

The perhaps most important part of this work is the time. The time I should have spent writing a story for my writing class tomorrow, beginning the animation which state-of-work I was supposed to present tomorrow, working at my project for university, washing my laundry, tidying up, making a flyer and a website for my father's job and finally - finishing the pile of work-in-progress pictures I still have here on my desk
Hmmm... I guess it's better start working this night instead of sleeping ._____.

MUSIC: Sinead O'Connor - Collaborations!
Especially "Special Cases" with Massive Attack - That's the song to this picture

And yes, erm, I'm aware of the fact, that nobody reads this XDDD
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