Apophis Production Picture

Some interim procedural stages in the development of Apophis ([link]), including two different head variants. The head is kind of an odd forced synthesis of snake and tapir...I wanted it to have a reptilian quality, but also that sort of robust, heavy skull and jaw you associate with large mammals. The intended but not necessary implication was that one of the eyes is clouded by cataracts.

I should clarify that the biological systems are all internal...What you're seeing here is really the armored casing for the internal organs. What appears to be a tactical vest is actually the thorax and contains the lungs, while that central column or "stalk" contains both the spine and most of the digestive system. Even the ambulatory tendrils may have originally been something more like entrails, leading to the Penanggalan parallels. The surface shader for the "jacket"/ribcage and the tentacles came from a shoe I found down at the river yesterday! : p
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