Monster Academy Application Picture

Name: Your true Name

Age: Age allowances are 11-300; 300 is max age you can have, if you character is above 100 please write in the history what they've been doing the past hundred years, make it believable.

Monster type/species: Any mythological creature you want. If you make up your species or if they are not well known, then you must provide some information about them here. just do not make a specific named monster that already exists in the mythological world. (Medusa, Dracula and what not) Also we would like to discourage against hybrid characters, there are simply a lot of them, look in our existing character sheets! if someone is already doing the monster you would like please note us to see if it's acceptable. No aliens, robots, or cyborgs. Prosthetic for your characters missing body parts is fine but without something harmful attached (ex: a hand canon..)

Grade: Freshman is for new members only. Sophomore students must have passed 6 classes.

Glamor item: “Glamor” is fey magic that can be cast upon any ordinary object. This magic allows you to appear human. When you enter the school you will present one item that the Head Mistress enchants for you; this object can then be used without exerting any energy on your part, to change what you look like. Glamor can be attached to almost any item, so please choose wisely. Clothing that doesn’t easily fall off is your best bet - like a necklace, ring, or maybe a hat.
This is a required item! even if your character has a human form already, you still need one!

Favorite class: Please pick what class your monster would enjoy most.

Worst class: Choose what class your monster would enjoy the least.

Current Classes: Starts at none. Please update this as your student progresses.

Passed Classes: Starts at none. Please update this as your student progresses.

Current Points: Starts at zero. Please see… for information.

Natural weapons: Teeth, claws, stingers, anything your character naturally has and was not taught to use.

Trained weapons: Blades, magic, ect. Please don't forget to elaborate these in the ‘skills’ section.

Weakness: Things that are dangerous to your character. Please attempt to balance your character's strengths and weaknesses. These are student monsters. They are young, vulnerable in some ways, and they are still learning. You need a weakness that your character can not develop past. for instance, mental weaknesses are not permitted unless they are devastating, considering that they are something your character could easily fix. Physical weaknesses like silver to a werewolf are highly encouraged. Look up your monster and see if they have any recorded weaknesses! Please be mindful, this is an area that we are very picky about!

SKILLS: Please be mindful of your class when picking your skills! When you start out you are a freshman and are expected to be weak, so then your character can grow and become more powerful later. </u>

Major Skills: Please put down three major skills and/or spells that you already have or will excel at. Please elaborate on each one.
Super strong- Can lift 2000 lbs easily.
Super speed- Can run at superhuman speeds.
for other acceptable powers please view this journal

Minor Skills: Please also put down up to three less powerful skills or spells that you would like to add.
Good at learning new languages
Good at fire-based magic
for other acceptable powers please view this journal

Personality: Please write a short description of your character’s temperament, and likes and dislikes. Paragraph (5 sentences) is required

Character's Background: Important facts about your character's story are to be put here. There is no length max limit, but no two-liners are allowed - it must be long enough to give details about your monster's story. Please do not be too long either... Be aware that there are more apps to be checked and we won't have time to read big texts.

Roleplay Info:
Roleplay example:Please write an example of your roleplay skills.

Roleplay schedule: write down Day, Swing, or Graveyard times that you'll be online and an estimate of how active you'll be.

On the character sheet please draw both your human and monster form. Both sketches and digital art are allowed. If you would rather have someone else draw your character for you, please see the "Art Help" journal when enrollments come up.

If you would like to draw traditionally and need assistance transferring your traditional art to this digital format, please ask any of the mods and they would be happy to assist you.

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