DoMT: Void, Euryale and Skull Picture

In Dungeons and Dragons there is something called "Deck of Many Things" The item comes in the form of a deck of cards, each one causing a distinct effect upon the character who draws it. They are both good and bad, they can also be very good or very bad too.

The idea has been around since 1975 however my deck is based on the later versions. Such as that appear in 3.5 and 4e, this deck is 22 cards.

Basically i really want a deck, so i am going to make one.

I did have to Google Euryale to see who/what she was since the deck of many things main reference i have is just a list. Then i also have some of the card pictures, but they don't have any text. So any way Euryale is in Greek mythology, was the second eldest one of the Gorgons, three vicious sisters with brass hands, sharp fangs, and hair of living, venomous snakes. She and her sister Stheno, unlike their sister, Medusa, were not able to turn any creature to stone with her gaze.

Other cards so far:

Sun, Moon and Star by =karla-chan, Jul 12, 2012 in Traditional Art > Drawings > Fantasy" super_img="" super_w="900" super_h="464">
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