Young man you better clean your room! Picture

another paintover of an in game screenshot for our in progress game, Medusas´s a first person horror/survival game set in ancient greece and will feature different types of mythological beasts, in and outdoor environments, puzzle solving and bow and arrow combat(in smaller extent)...mainly sneaking and hiding^_^we are a group of students that started this last summer as a shorter project but now will form a indie game company once we finish school this summer, so if you are interested in following this production, sign up as beta tester or just come with feedback/chat with us then check out or facebook or indiedb page!

*we are also going to release anothe game made as an assignement for a course which had us nominated in Swediah game awards last year and got us into the top 100 list of Indiedbs "up and coming games" contest where we competed against roughly 13000 other games! It´s called Magnetic and is also a first person game but purely puzzle solving, borrowing lots of inspiration from Portal and the horror movie Cube.

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