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That's it! The Take Over of my OC Molly (daughter of Elfman and Evergreen) I promised! GORGON SOUL (just as Beast Soul for Elfman and Satan Soul for Mira)

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About her power, the claws at her hands are strong and can smash rocks, furthermore she's got improved agility and rapidity. She can hit with his snake tail and use it to dodge the attacks. Obviously she can also pietrify: her snakes bite hard and when they do it the enemy get pietrified.
Now, if you have read the first part of her backgroun, you know why she tried to pull of her hairs! XD

And now, the second part of her background!
A group of killer mages was solded to kill some of the most powerful mages of Fairy Tail (Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Juvia, Gazille, Elfman, Mira...) in anticipation of an attack to Magnolia City of a Dark Guild.
Some of this mage hunters found Evergreen and her daughter Molly doing shopping. Evergreen altough was too strong for the most of them: they all got ko from her Leprecaun. Molly, observing the scene think her mother is wonderfully strong! Then showed off the chief of the hunters (that in the meantime were attacking the other strong element of the guild), and Evergreen immediately understood that she could not take him lightly and used her eyes. Unfortunely, creating a refleting shield with his magic pole, the mage managed to deflect her power to herself, and Evergreen turned in a stone under the eyes of her attonished daughter.
The evil mage tried to smash the statue, but Elfman, coming, stop him. The two of them started another battle, but even Elfman ended defeated.
Molly was terrified! Her mother was going to be smashed in pieces and she could not find the force to stand. Even her little brother, Puck, 8 year old, interrupting again the mage, tried to defend his parents, getting his ass kicked... The mage looked down to her assuring he wouldn't kill her: she was not a magician after all.
Elfman, covered of blood, stands up and shut him with a glare saying: "Come here you! No man could just let his family get hurt..."
So he looked his daughter, finishing his phrase: "And by "man" I mean "human being".
So the annoyed mage slashed his chest with his pole, and Molly saw her father die (or she thought so...). He died, and she didn't trasformed to save him, just because she didn't want to be a "monster".
With her rage raisin to have been so useless when she could have done something, she releases her full power, and finally the Gorgon showed off!

After a hard fight, she managed to envelop the enemy in her spire and to bite him with her snakes: he istantly turn in stone. Furious, Molly try to destroy the statue with her powerful claws, but she realized that if she'd have done that, she'd have turn into a "monster" for real.
The battle is end. And Elfman in still breathing!
Molly run to him and found the Great Man of Fairy Tail smiling: he's proud of her! And bleeding, lying on the ground looking directly in her eyes, he said:

"You know Molly, in this form you really get some charme! And your'not an horrible monster at all... well, at least not like your aunt Mira when she get angry!"
"Dad... you moron!" cried her, hugging him under the eyes of her moved mother and the grin of her little brother!

Man I hope you read it all without annoying! ^__^ Let me know if you liked it... And sorry for some errors, English is not my first language...


Lo scriverò un altra volta... mi sono dovuto sforzare per tradurre prima tutto in inglese! XD
Se ce la fate a capire leggete sopra per favore! ^__°

Fairy Tail, Evergreen and Elfman belongs to Hiro Mashima
Molly and Puck belongs to me ^_^
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