Pegasus Picture

Poor girl!
Thus are you released from my curse:
Your blood seeping into the sand
As Perseus escapes
With your severed head in hand.

For your vanity you were punished;
Your beauty taken away.
You've lived as a hideous monster
Until this very day.

But I shall gather up your blood
And with it I shall cast
A creature whose great beauty
Shall never be surpassed.

A splendid steed it shall be
Capable of flight.
With magnificient wings
And a brilliant coat of white.

None who gaze upon him
Shall ever turn to stone.
Yet none shall ever tame him
Without this bridle of gold.

Therefore, Medusa
Free from any curse
Rise up again as Pegasus
For I now give you birth.


I had to do a mythical beast from the roman/greek mythology. I chose Pegasus (dur) lol. I am so very very very very proud of this image!!!! STEAL AND DIE!!!!



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