Snyphurr-inspired alien Picture

As of yet, I haven't described my version of the Snyphurrs in much detail. However, with the Vagineers having alien origin a la "The Thing", I figured I could rejigger Snyphurr to fit with Vagineer's origins, though I know "officially" that Snyphurr is not directly related to Vagineer like the other vagi-classes are (his "official" origins have something to do with an intelligent jar of urine and an unholy ritual). Either way, here's plenty of info on the Snyphurr's alien ancestors.

These floating beings stand between eight and eighteen feet long excluding the tentacles, which can grow nearly as long, but usually make up 1/3 to 1/2 of its total length. These beings require only ambient energy to survive, and could even live in the vacuum of space for several hours with enough surrounding energy, though they thrive best in environments teeming with other creatures, since their energy is the most palatable to the being, though tastes vary among individuals.

The creatures come in many shades depending on the environment they were born in, ranging from rusty reds to deep greens. Though they resemble and move somewhat like headless human torsos, these creatures have no relation to humanity, primates, or even mammals (their anatomy more closely resembling that of a cephalopod or arthropod). Their "pectorals", "shoulders", and even their codpiece-like "groin" are actually specialized sense organs, along with the uniquely-patterned "spots" along their body, though their purposes are lost in prehistory.

Their "abdominal" area is lined with extendable tooth-like barbs, used in attack and defense, though only under close-combat circumstances, such as in territorial fights with others of its kind. The sphincter where its "neck" would be acts as protection for its sensitive, gelatinous "true" head, featuring a terrifying 8-pronged, toothy "mouth" and four "eyes" (energy-draining ganglions) on stalks. This head only pops out to absorb the total energy of its prey, transforming it into dead stone much like the Gorgons of Greek mythology.

The sentient species of their planet (the Vagi-aliens) have trained these creatures (at least those that enjoy their energy) to act as their personal workhorses, servants, and steeds. Some have become so tuned to their masters' frequencies, they can replicate their speech and share thoughts with them, aiding them in strategy and battle as if they were fellow fighters and even trusted soul-mates. Such was this bond that the Vagi-aliens made artificial environments for them in their warships as they traveled across the galaxies.

Outside of their planet, they feed off the energies of the ship, as well as whatever hapless lifeforms end up in their environments in the course of the Vagi-aliens' planetary raids. Should the Vagi-aliens find interesting opposition on the planets which they land, they can release the creatures from their environments using horns tuned to a teleportation chip embedded into their skin that summons them to the planet for whatever malicious purposes are required, sending them back to comfort when the job is done.

These "jobs" usually include using their strong tentacles and levitation abilities to move massive tonnages, usually of aliens' roofs, statues/symbols, and vehicles for intimidation and destruction. They also drain the life-force out of their enemies, leaving only unliving statues. In certain individuals, however, over-draining sometimes leads to a form of energy "obesity" that sends their brainwaves out of control, leading to pseudo-schizophrenic mind states for extended periods of time. These individuals often end up put down by the Vagi-aliens to stop their suffering.

Thankfully (or sadly, depending on your affiliation), these terrifying creatures died out along with the Vagi-aliens, and did not possess the intelligent cells to spread their genetics to other species. However, one of the first earth-born Vagi-mutates (the infamous Vagineer) brought with him the genetic sequence of one of the best of these creatures in his memory. All he needed was some mutagen and a victim test subject. As a hapless Sniper wandered into the area where Vagineer was mixing his concoction, he ended up becoming a terrifying, headless, legless, levitating mutant...

...And now you know the rest of the story...

Alien design and story belongs to ~GigaCake-MmmKay
Snyphurr belongs to CloverNoodle, as well as the many YouTubers and Freak makers dedicated to him.
Sniper proper from Team Fortress 2 belongs to the VALVe Corporation.
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