Am I beautiful now? Picture

A finished self-portrait, want everyone to know why the snakes are soooo bad and unportion is this was the first time I have ever drawn snakes. This is a personal piece, if you seen the second picture that was really unfinished, it explains it all.

Beauty is only skin deep, this is a piece of my realization of just that. For years I thought I was ugly, too big what have you. But In the modern society we are taught that straight from when you start Kindergarten being different in anyway is considered, ugly, odd, then your attacked for it by words.

Sad part is I was saying all the hurtful words to myself, then I realized I was not what anything but Beautiful, I got a banging personality, I am a big girl and beautiful! So this is a very personal piece.

If you know the story of Medusa in Greek Mythology this would be easier to understand.

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