Amphisbaena Sketch Picture

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Amphisbaena - Greek for "Goes both ways".

A deadly serpitine dragon created by the Gorgon Medusa blood that fell from her severed head that was carried by the Greek god Perseus over the Libyan desert. The Amphisbaena can curl itself into a circle to roll to it's destination rather then having to slither. The fangs of the Amphisbaena contain deadly poison that quickly kills it's victum, however it's skin can reduce the swelling in hands and feet that have been inflamed by cold.

A quick lesson in mythological creatures. I decided to try and do this a long time ago, to show some different mytholog creatures that are'nt normally shown. This is one of three.

Sorry about the weird look of the paper, my scanner is on the frits so I used a camera and it doesn't show the shading very well.
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