Curse of Love Part 1 Picture

PART 1: The eyes of Medusa

"Ooh, it's just a pity to see you in that state ...
... I wonder why ... but unlike all the other victims I met you were my favourite ... I really liked you ...
But now ... it's time to say good bye forever.
Just look at my eyes ... and I'll release you from all your pain once and for all ...
... ... ... I wonder why he cried in the last moment ... ..."

Part 1 of 3 of my little project "Curse of Love" - A short collection of illustrations where the characters are in a fatal situation due to the attractions of some fearsome beauties
(... or not ... it's a matter of taste xD)
The first one is a simple one.
Medusa, the Gorgon, was a fearsome creature in the Greek mythology. She was supposed to be a beautiful and attractive woman until she was turned into a snake-like monster. It's told that she still attracted the victims by her beautiful voice. Yet, a look to her eyes let everyone turn to stone.

I guess I explained the most xD
Well, that Maria caught Shadow in that way ... I dunno. It was just a random idea. The next attempt will be better I think. As I was working on my WIP I changed some colors looking so strange. And I used some texture filters for some effects (but I guess I did it too much D: ... as always) I should not use so much of these effects T___T

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