Pegasus Picture

Pegasus is in Greek mythology, a winged horse, who is the son of Poseidon and Medusa. It was the blood of Medusa when Perseus cut off her head.

Pegasus is the symbol of the poem's inspiration, has been named a constellation after him and is being used as a riding horse of Zeus, when he is busy.

Pegasus is the symbol of the ability poet or poetry.

in the Fableworld, there are two kinds of Pegasus.
blue pegasus; is the horse I draw mostly because it is very beautiful and rare. it is also shown in the picture.

the normal pegasus is mostly white with gray wings. this horse is very dull in color, this horse I can also find to draw then in black color

other horses with wings, I draw, are mostly mixtures of other Fableworlds horses

this picture belongs to Fableworld. please don´t steal
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