Sovereign Female Wisdom Picture

First, and foremost... I urge you who go and read [link] . It's only right that you read up on Medusa's origin and what she was before the greeks came along.

I've portrayed her as beautiful, strong, wise, protecting. Medusa, before she became 'evil' was the woman achetype of duality in all us females.

I used one poor Ebony pencil, which is by now a stub. And, i also used a medium width stump for the gradual shading, etc. That's pretty much it. Except for the colors, prisma colors for the eyes.

Edit: Added a watermark. And, this was originally a commision - but I have yet to receive payment, and home chicklet at work whom this was for is quitting. So unless she coughes up money by her last day, then I highly doubt I'll see her again. Thats fine... I'll just give Medusa to my mom.
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