Medusa- Backdrop design Picture

No idea what category to put this under. DevArt doesn\'t seem to want to acknowledge mythology under the fantasy section...
Backdrops created by my sister and I for Sanger High School\'s winter percussion 07-08 show, Medusa.
Titles (these might not be right, for I cannot remember them to save my life):
1. Prelude to a Rape. . .yeah, something to do with Posiedon
2. Athena\'s Rage
3. Serpents
4. Revenge of the Gorgon (?)

If you have any idea as to the actual titles of the movements of the show, please let me know.

The set design was for four mural paintings depicting each of the four movements of the show. The first and fourth were designed by myself; the seccond and third were designed by
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