A Misunderstanding... Picture

Old piece, from my concentration over The Three Gorgon Sisters (Medusa, Euryale, and Stheno)
It also was one of my "quality" pieces I sent in and did not get back til late Summer.

Illustrated how Medusa became the gorgon she is known as. She was punished by Athena for disrespecting her temple, (Medusa used to be a priestess who watched over and tended to the temple of Athena) because Poseidon had seduced and raped her within the temple. But, Athena did not want to anger her father (Zues) by punishing her own uncle...so she decided to blame it on Medusa, turning her into a Gorgon forever.

Coloured pencil! (Prismacolour, for those of you wondering)
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