Vault Guardian Picture

As many times as my creations will fall under "anthropomorphic" I refuse to submit my deviations into that category. Primarily as a stance against the disgusting level to which much of anthro art has fallen. My creations were not designed as such because I wanted an antrho creature, but because I wanted my take on classical mythology ideas, in this particular case such as the Naga and/or Medusa.

In any case, I saw this tail come out and have been wanting such a thing for Victoria 4 for some time, and so I bought it. It's very nice but I do have a couple complaints, however, I do, above all, like the length, many snake tails that have come out in the past are far too short IMO. I've also been wanting to try out The Destroyer that I got and those crystals, as well as "The Wall" sets that recently came out on renderosity. I am thankful Destroyer's armor came with so many material zones.

This piece, aside from the classical mythology inspirations, was also inspired by the comic Krakow. The youngest of the 3 main demon sisters is similar in design.

Yes, those are horns on her head. I may "upgrade" her design with horns along the tail at some point, but right now I didn't feel like it. I wanted the horns to imitate some of the snake-tail medusa designs and the tendril-hair naga designs seen in various other arts.

There is a bit of a blue-green tint to the room because the lighting is supposed to feel like it's being produced by the crystals, but Poser's lights still suck and I couldn't figure out how to make specific lighting from the crystals work.

Anyway, Poser 7, some various photoshop work, lots of time.
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