Medusa Amphora WIP Picture

My Medusa Amphora work in progress. On the other side there will be a man with a blindfold, possibly ensnared by her snakes. Basically I made up a mythological love story between a gorgon (maybe, maybe not Medusa) who falls in love with a blind guy. The blind guy doesn't know what she is until a long way into the relationship when he tries to stroke her (what he thinks is) hair. He falls back from surprise saying: "I know what you are; I have heard of your kind...!" and then "I am not afraid of you."
"You have no reason to be, because you are blind."
"No," he says, "That is not why--" and explains that even if he had eyes he would not fear her because he already knows her heart, sappy love proclamation, etc, etc...

Anyways, yeah. This project has been literally sucking the life out of me. That clay dries up your hands, man! And I'm having to spend all week and the weekend on this baby...
Plus I am living in terror that the handles will break. One of them already did and I had to fix it.
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